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Little extras

Grizzly ICEAMP

Amplify the longevity of your ice.

Four pack
BPA Free
0.5 lb each
Prior to use, freeze for 12 hrs

Grizzly IceDivider

When you want to divide the contents of your cooler and provide a little extra cooling.

BPA Free
Prior to use, freeze for 12 hrs
Not intended to be a substitute for ice.

Alpha Blackout Shade

The BlackoutSHADE™ keeps you completely hidden by ensuring that no light gets in or out. It has a middle peep window with an easy-to-operate magnetic open/closure for viewing and ranging with one-handed, noise-free motion.

Alpha Shadow Shade

The ShadowSHADE™ uses mesh to offer full view of the field while keeping your silhouette undetected by that big buck you’re after.

Blind Chair

Now this is hunting in style. The Grizzly Blind Chair is the ideal chair for anyone who hunts from a blind.